ACV Unveils S.A.M.™, Smart Acquisition Manager™, Arming Dealers with Customizable AI-Powered Programmatic Buying Solutions

S.A.M. accelerates and improves visibility for dealers’ core inventory needs so they never miss the right vehicle on ACV’s Marketplace

BUFFALO, N.Y., July 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ACV (Nasdaq: ACVA), the leading digital automotive marketplace and data services partner for dealers and commercial partners, today announced the launch of ACV’s Smart Acquisition Manager (S.A.M.), which delivers two new innovative ways to engage with ACV’s Marketplace. ACV’s S.A.M. offers a buying API (Application Programming Interface) to drive a programmatic buying user experience.

ACV is making its trusted 20-minute digital auction even more powerful by introducing these solutions that allow dealers to set-up proxy bids via an AI-powered buying agent to make data-driven decisions. These proxies will bid on and buy cars within the ACV Marketplace entirely based on the dealer’s pre-set criteria. ACV’s S.A.M. enables dealers to customize their automatic buying preferences down to minute-level vehicle details (160+ data fields).

Dealers can use S.A.M. to build highly customized rules that will not only identify vehicle specifications and price ranges, but could, for example, also include preferences for vehicle condition based on ACV’s leading inspection reports. ACV continues to reduce friction for dealers’ buying decisions with this new programmatic buying experience. ACV Marketplace participants can engage and confidently source inventory that fits the unique needs of their businesses. Later this year, these capabilities will be extended to consumer inventory running in ACV’s Live Appraisal lane within the ACV Marketplace.

What sets S.A.M. apart is the ability to customize vehicle condition preferences down to granular details, including or excluding condition report details such as warning lights, tire condition, frame damage and title statuses. S.A.M. serves as a dealer’s own virtual buying assistant that is working for them 24/7. With a minimal weekly time investment to keep their buying preferences up to date, dealers can rest easy knowing that they will never miss out on securing core inventory for their dealership.

“Since our inception, ACV’s mission has been to bring trust, transparency and efficiency to the car buying process,” said ACV CEO George Chamoun. “One of the most common pieces of feedback we get from dealers is that they need vehicles, and they don’t have enough time to manage all the traditional inventory sources. We saw an opportunity to make the inventory buying process even more efficient and can’t wait for our customers to leverage S.A.M. and earn back hours of precious time.”

Two Key Programmatic Buying Options:
S.A.M. – For dealers who do not have their own technology platforms, they can use our user experience to create a highly detailed S.A.M. Model including specifying condition, pricing, and location parameters. Upon completion, their inventory needs are then launched automatically. dealers can choose to engage in one of two formats. They can select S.A.M. Alerts where they receive an automated notification from the system for approval of the bid. Alternatively, dealers can select S.A.M. Bids for automatic proxy bidding, based on their preset S.A.M. Model.

S.A.M. API – Live since Q4 2021, this offering is available for dealers who have technology platforms that can integrate directly with ACV's real-time APIs to generate bids within our marketplace. Current users of this solution include large dealers, rental car companies and others in the automotive used vehicle buying category.

“I’ve always said that the Tasca Automotive Group uses ACV because it makes buying and selling cars easy. And now with ACV’s S.A.M., our dealerships are able to add even more efficiency to managing our inventory acquisition needs. Dealers no longer need multiple buyers tracking down cars at all hours of the day. With ACV’s latest technology, you set up this AI-powered buying tool to find the exact cars you need for your dealership and let it do the work for you,” said Bob Tasca III, vice president, Tasca Automotive Group. “ACV gives us the confidence to buy and sell online with speed, full transparency and the utmost integrity. They put our company in a position to win.”

Chamoun continues, “S.A.M. is part of ACV’s holistic strategy where data intelligence is leveraged throughout the automotive ecosystem. The initial use case for S.A.M. was buying on the current 20-minute auction within the ACV Marketplace, but our vision is much broader. In the future, dealers may be able to select S.A.M. outside of ACV’s live digital auctions. ACV will continue to help dealers source and buy cars from consumers and other sources.”

There are no additional fees to use either of the programmatic buying solutions, only ACV’s standard fees related to approved sales transactions. For more information on ACV, visit

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